Simple Indian Dinner You Can Cook Even On Weekdays

Simple Indian Dinner You Can Cook Even On Weekdays

Dear Friends of Mukti’s Kitchen:

This is a photo of a simple, home-made Indian dinner to let you know that you can cook it easily in a relatively short period of time. I invite you to try it too.

Why am I saying this?

Because, my husband made this dinner two days ago, on Monday, after coming back from work. He invited a friend to join him for dinner. Both men are now living in New York in this harsh winter all by themselves, because their wives are now traveling India and having a great time.


If he can cook it on a weekday after returning from work, you can do it too.

He said he made plain rice (draining off the starch), dal (lentils), cauliflower stir fry, some eggplant fritters dipped in besan (chickpea flower), a little tomato and cucumber salad with lime juice, and his favorite North Indian chicken curry. He made them all mild — spicy but mild — keeping in mind that his American friend does not like it too spicy or hot.

He kept a small amount of hot pickle in a small saucer, which he did not share with his American friend 🙂

I am glad he didn’t.


Have a wonderful day. I am returning to New York very soon.

Eager to see you and resume our cooking classes too.


Mukti’s Kitchen (

Writing from Kerala, South India (literacy rate in this state is 95%)




From Kanyakumari, Southernmost Tip of India

From Kanyakumari, Southernmost Tip of India

I am in Kanyakumari now, with my friend and Brooklyn Food Coalition’s executive director Nancy Romer, as well as a few Indian food and environmental workers.

Kanyakumari is the place at the southernmost tip of India, where three seas — Indian Ocean, Bay of Bengal and Arabian Sea — have merged together.

This photo shows two famous rocks on the sea. The one on the left is the rock where Swami Vivekananda, revolutionary Indian Hindu monk, visited as a part of his India pilgrimage. Now it has a beautiful memorial temple on the rock.

On the right is the giant statue of Tamil poet Thiruvallur. The status is 133 feet tall.

To be able to be at this sacred place is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for me.

I feel blessed.

Sharing with you,


Mukti’s Kitchen


P.S. — I also had a surprise birthday party here in Tamil Nadu. Nancy and our South Indian friends gave me a pleasant surprise. It was great to celebrate here 🙂

Birthday cake


Thanksgiving Day Recipe: Spicy Cauliflower Curry

Thanksgiving Day Recipe: Spicy Cauliflower Curry

Today’s Recipé

Spicy Cauliflower (Stir Fried) Curry

1. Cut one cauliflower in small pieces.
2. Cut one medium size potato in cubes.
3. Chop washed cilantro and cube a tomato. (You can also have fresh peas and green chili pieces ready.)
4. On a skillet, smear a dash of oil.
5. Throw half teaspoon of Five Spice mix, and warm (do not burn).
6. Stir fry cauliflower and potato pieces.
7. Add a pinch of turmeric power, grated ginger, and salt to taste.
8. Mix gently without breaking the vegetables.
9. When the cauliflower and potato are soft and brownish, add the cilantro and cubed tomato pieces.
(Add the fresh peas and green chili if you like.)
10. Turn off oven, and let it sit, covered.