Mukti’s Kitchen Relaunches Blog :-)

Dear Friends:

Happy to announce that we’re relaunching our blog. Thanks to everyone who encouraged me to do it, and also waited with great patience.

We’ll post simple secrets of Indian cooking — how to make healthy and delicious Indian dishes, spending a minimal amount of time in the kitchen.

We’ll also post fun stories around some of the dishes: how I learned to cook them, what were some of the problems and nuances to master them, and things of that sort.

I hope you visit us periodically, and share your thoughts.

Here’s a photo a plain and simple vegetarian stir fry, using squash from our Brooklyn kitchen garden. I used all possible parts of the plant: stalk (stem), leaf, flower, and of course, fruit. I used a very small amount of olive oil, and the usual five-spice mix (paanch foron). It was simply mouth watering. My family members loved it.

Try it. I’m going to post the recipe soon. Please visit our website at .

Happy and Healthy Cooking to You All,


Mukti’s Kitchen

Brooklyn, New York




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