Mukti’s Kitchen, Featured in Edible Brooklyn

Photo Courtesy: Edible Brooklyn

Happy to report that Edible Brooklyn, a reputable culinary and culture magazine, published an article in its Fall issue.

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Below is a segment from their article.

Notable Edibles:
Mukti’s Cooking Classes bring Masala to the Masses

First published in the Fall 2013 edition of Edible Brooklyn

“The secret, she tells a group gathered at her Kensington home for a class on Mughlai cooking, lies in her massive masala dabba. “Masala” means spice, “dabba” means box, and Banerjee’s is the traditional tin type you can pick up in Indian and Pakistani neighborhoods like her own. Banerjee has so many spices—from asafetida to nigella—they overflow the dabba and take over her dining room table.

You leave full of fresh flavors and new knowledge: how to gently roast spices before you cook, how frying oil tells you it’s time to add the next ingredient, that red onions have a stronger flavor Indian cooks prefer.

“I’m really lucky,” Banerjee says, “that I’m carrying my master craft from my mother and grandmother to my friends.” But walking home, smelling like a masala dabba, we know we are the lucky ones.”


I am very lucky, indeed.



Mukti’s Kitchen Relaunches Blog :-)

Dear Friends:

Happy to announce that we’re relaunching our blog. Thanks to everyone who encouraged me to do it, and also waited with great patience.

We’ll post simple secrets of Indian cooking — how to make healthy and delicious Indian dishes, spending a minimal amount of time in the kitchen.

We’ll also post fun stories around some of the dishes: how I learned to cook them, what were some of the problems and nuances to master them, and things of that sort.

I hope you visit us periodically, and share your thoughts.

Here’s a photo a plain and simple vegetarian stir fry, using squash from our Brooklyn kitchen garden. I used all possible parts of the plant: stalk (stem), leaf, flower, and of course, fruit. I used a very small amount of olive oil, and the usual five-spice mix (paanch foron). It was simply mouth watering. My family members loved it.

Try it. I’m going to post the recipe soon. Please visit our website at .

Happy and Healthy Cooking to You All,


Mukti’s Kitchen

Brooklyn, New York